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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK : SOME NOSTALGIA AND COMMITMENTS : It was 1992. Multi-channel cable network was still a daydream in this small and godforsaken part of the country. Entertainment meant only listening to songs, watching local drama performances, and, of course, reading books. Fortunately there were some cinema houses, perhaps three in number. There was a public library in a run-down building, always crowded by readers and subscribers during evenings far better option perhaps than the smart and lonesome building of today...MORE (Link pdf : About Unmesh)

OUR HOME LAND : TRIPURA : Tripura is one of the seven states in the north eastern part of India located between 22 degree and 56 minutes and 24 degree and 32 minutes north latitude and between 90 degree and 09 minutes and 92 degree and 20 minutes east latitude. It is bounded on the north, west, south and south-east by Bangladesh.... More ....

North Tripura (Recentlt in Unakoti Dist.) And Kailashahar :

The North Tripura District has a geographical area of 2,469.90 Sq. Km and is divided into three sub-divisions, namely, Kailashahar, Dharmanagar and Kanchanpur. Rock carvings and temples dating back to the 8th century are seen at "UNAKOTI" (about one less then one crore of God and Goddesses) situated at about 10 Km from the District Head quater.

Places to Visit : Unakoti, There is ancient profusion of rock-cut images in Asia continent, belonging to 11-12th century A.D. , intricate and finely executed. This is as such an open air art gallery. Truly, over the backdrop of widespread hill ranges, surrounded by lush green and bush, a large no. of colossal figures of Hindu gods & goddesses engraved in a 45 mtr. Hillock. More ....

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